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United States
20, only just. gay and battling the 'it's a huge part of my life, but it shouldn't matter, and who gives a fuck' blob of it all. lack of experience and longings aren't helping.

trying to find my morals and stick to them, the rest of the world be damned. trying not to limit myself like i used to. trying to figure out how to be me.

i might be doing a shit job of it, though.

Current Residence: earth. my mind is elsewhere.
Skin of choice: a pretty girl's, soft and tangible. one day...
Favourite cartoon character: calvin and hobbes. yes, that's two- they go together.
funny, isn't it?

how you sometimes try to shut your ears but the words and noise get through anyway.  you can't drown it out.  your ear-holes are too small to stop with richly scented wine corks and your brain whirs and hums in a way only death can shut off.  and the outside world leaks in through your pours till it permeates everything. till the dangerous sparks flashing in your head go quiet and the new cogs buzz and whine like they've always been there, part of the mechanical background.  you don't even notice you've been fine tuned because its a part of you now; the way your toes and chin are a part of you, and your eyes and mouth, so that you're seeing and speaking and being this new self, entirely inseparable from the old you.  the two are meshed and unavoidably synced; your ears and all that noise, too.

funny, isn't it?

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proudeyesneverlie Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
thank you for the favourite, and welcome to dA. :heart: i hope you'll like it here.
itgoeslikethis Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
thanks you, and you're welcome. i quite enjoy your work- honesty, i find, inspires honesty, and you read as very genuine, whether in happiness or despair. poignant, in a word.

once upon a time i was here, then i wandered away. it seems i've finally wandered back with a gusto. thank you for being so welcoming.
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